Making The Best Guitar Pedals Possible By Building Pedals Like Amps

Making The Best Guitar Pedals Possible By Building Pedals Like Amps

One of the guiding design philosophies behind Human pedals has been to build our pedals more like a high end amplifier than a simple guitar pedal.

This is especially true of modern pedals, which feature the cheapest components and construction methods possible. I have had several of my own pedals and been requested to repair dozens of others, some very expensive, from the big manufacturers that have broken after a short period of use. Opening them up I found the cheapest surface mount (SMT) components available and a cheap consumer build quality that was simply not up to the task. (Or the pricepoint!)

Having worked for years as an amplifier technician my greatest respect is for the build of classic tube amps dating from the 50s to the 70s from Fender, Marshall, Orange and HiWatt. Those amplifiers were built to last and sound amazing. Some are approaching 70 years old and still going strong. Modern PCB amps with excellent design and build quality from manufacturers like Soldano and Diezel have also been great inspirations, as has the excellent point-to-point wiring of Matchless amps.

Human pedals have been designed using the same principles as these amps in order to achieve the very best in reliability and sonic performance. They are designed to stand alongside the best of the best and make a perfect match for any high end guitar rig, in the studio or on tour.

High quality through hole components, Wima signal capacitors just like a high end amp, proper Switchcraft jacks and Alpha footswitches and pots all make for better reliability and tone. Before shipping every pedal is tested to meet the highest standard in boutique amp like tone and construction quality.

I am incredibly proud of the pedals we are making and can’t wait to reveal our revolutionary new products in the coming weeks and months.

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