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Human Amp Driver | Organic Overdrive Preamp + Distortion Pedal

Human Amp Driver | Organic Overdrive Preamp + Distortion Pedal

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The Amp Driver has been designed to be the ultimate professional boost, overdrive and distortion device. Using our own custom technology and approach to circuit design, the Amp Driver is a both a high end overdrive and high end preamp in one small box.

The Amp Driver combines the very finest in perfected classic overdrive pedal design with all new tube simulating pre and post overdrive circuit gain stages. These gain stages allow an organic, singing and sustaining tube like boost before your overdrive when the Pre Gain is engaged or a more raw, raunchy and open crunch tone when the Post Gain is driven by the overdrive circuit. Turn both on simultaneously for a unique and beautiful combination of tube like distortion and overdrive tones.

Sparkly clean boost tones, classic overdrive blues sounds, singing lead tones and everything in between are all available.

You can use the Amp Driver to add some sparkle, refinement and sustain to your clean sound. Or you can push your clean amp into overdrive for some creamy blues tones. Or you can drive your dirty classic rock amp into searing focused crunch and smooth liquid lead metal tones.

Another option is to use the Amp Driver as its own distortion device into a purely clean channel, delivering a boutique distortion pedal like no other.

Use the Focus and Tight filter switches to refine a classic sound or create the ultimate focused thrash crunch without the use of additional EQ units.

There are so many possibilities that the Amp Driver is more like having dozens of expensive high end vintage pedals in one little box.

In order to deliver this unparalleled sonic performance no corners have been cut in component choice or build quality. High end audio jacks, potentiometers, switches and German made WIMA capacitors have been utilised to deliver a pedal that not only sounds excellent but offers the reliability needed on stage and in studio.


• Beautiful Organic Overdrive, Clean Boost and Distortion Tones.

• Refine your tone or create the ultimate metal crunch using the Focus and Tight filter controls. Turn any mid gain amp into the high end, high gain beast.

• Tone and Presence knobs allow for precise control over final tone.

• High quality WIMA signal capacitors for the finest sound possible.

• High Quality Switchcraft Jacks and Alpha Footswitch

• True Bypass Switching

• Power = 9V DC Centre Negative Polarity from standard pedal power supply only (not included)

• Size 120mm x 10mm x 55mm

• Weight 380g

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